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The WatchPAT One test is a type of sleep study that helps diagnose sleep disorders. It's a simple and portable device that you wear on your wrist while you sleep. The device measures various parameters such as your heart rate, oxygen levels, and movement to gather information about your sleep patterns. This data helps healthcare professionals assess if you have conditions like sleep apnea, which can disrupt your sleep and affect your overall health. The WatchPAT One test is convenient because you can do it at home, making it easier to gather information about your sleep without staying overnight in a sleep clinic.

What the WatchPat measures:

  • Peripheral Arterial Tone (PAT): This is a measure of the changes in blood volume in your finger arteries. It helps assess changes in blood flow that can be associated with variations in your sleep stages.

  • Heart Rate: The device monitors your heart rate throughout the night, tracking any fluctuations that might be indicative of sleep disturbances or disorders.

  • Oxygen Saturation (SpO2): This measures the level of oxygen in your blood. Low oxygen saturation during sleep can be a sign of conditions like sleep apnea.

  • Body Position: The WatchPAT One can detect your body position during sleep. This information is relevant, especially for conditions like positional sleep apnea, where the severity of breathing problems can vary depending on your sleeping position.

  • Actigraphy (Movement): The device tracks your movements during the night, providing insights into your sleep patterns and potential disruptions.

By collecting data on these parameters, the WatchPAT One helps your doctor assess sleep quality, detect sleep disorders, and tailor appropriate interventions or treatments. The convenience of performing this test at home makes it an accessible and effective tool for sleep studies.


Home Sleep Test: Watch Pat One

    • Comprehensive Medical consultation via video or telephone (required)
    • Free shipping (and return shipping of devices and supplies if the wired test is used)
    • Report with professional interpretation of results by a Board Certified Sleep Medicine Specialist including all recommendations. 
    • Communication with the physician after the test to explain results, treatment options, and recommendations.
    • Prescription for CPAP if necessary.  
    • Provide documentation as needed for insurance coverage of cpap. 
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