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Nurse Talking to Patient

The Sleep Doc Difference

There are several internet sites that treat patients for sleep apnea and try to use home sleep tests.  Many of these sites are run by medical equipment companies that make their money primarily by selling you CPAP equipment. In order to do this they contract with physicians who read your home sleep test but don't actually know the patient. At Sleep Doc Direct, you will work directly with a sleep doctor. The doctor you see will be the doctor that reads your home sleep test, and makes the necessary recommendations. And unlike those other sites, your doctor can continue to work with you to make sure that the therapy is working.  Our goal is to provide you with the right care, not to sell you equipment. If we find that you have a condition that does require CPAP equipment, we will refer you to a trusted supplier.  We receive no referral fees, incentives, or payments of any kind from the suppliers that we work with. 

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