Nurse Talking to Patient

Order a Home Sleep Test


**This is to be ordered only for people living in North Carolina, Michigan, and Nebraska. 

**This test is NOT intended for patients who wear oxygen at night. 

**After you order the test please  make an appointment with the doctor (included in price).

Alice Night One Home Sleep Test

Smart guide setup walks patient through sensor placement

The Alice NightOne Smart Guide Setup displays illuminated sensor indicators that walks the patient through sensor placement one by one. The indicators will change from yellow to green when a good quality signal is detected. The device uses the same sensors recommended by the AASM for in-lab studies. The device has 3 sensors (effort belt, cannula and oximeter) and a built-in body position sensor that provide seven channels of data (body position, pressure flow, snore, respiratory effort, SpO2, pleth and pulse rate).

Auto-on, recording starts as soon as belt is buckled

The “Auto-on” feature turns on the device as soon as the RIP belt is clicked in place; no need for patients to push a ‘start’ button. The integrated connection eliminates the need for an external effort wire set. The “smart guide” sequence guides patients through the setup process easily and provides feedback to the patient along the way.