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What's included:

--Comprehensive Medical consultation via video or telephone (required)

--Wireless home sleep testing up to 7 night-- the most in the industry! The sensor is disposable,  so there is nothing to mail back. It really is the easiest test available. Use of a one-night wired test may be used if needed. 

--Free shipping (and return shipping of devices and supplies if the wired test is used)

--Report with professional interpretation of results by a Board Certified Sleep Medicine Specialist including all recommendations. 

--Communication with the physician after the test to explain results, treatment options, and recommendations.

--Prescription for CPAP if necessary.  

--Provide documentation as needed for insurance coverage of cpap. 

Sleep Doc Premier Home Sleep Test

  • Order a Premier test if you want a comprehensive review of your sleep, need an in-depth test, and you want results,  prescriptions, and referrals sent for you. 

    Still have questions about which test to order? Check out a handy chart in the FAQ section. 


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