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Nurse Talking to Patient

Our Mission

At Sleep Doc our mission is simple. We believe in treating people with the respect they deserve, at a price they can afford. No matter where they are. . .

Sleep Apnea is a serious and common disorder that involves abnormal breathing during sleep. By affecting your sleep, obstructive sleep apnea robs you of energy and affects both you and your  family in many important ways. It robs your children of the time you could be spending playing with them or helping them with homework. It robs your spouse of the date nights you could be spending together. In short, Sleep Apnea prevents you from being the best version of yourself. At Sleep Doc Direct, we believe that life is short, and you shouldn’t allow Sleep apnea to prevent you from living your life to the fullest. We think that anyone with sleep apnea deserves convenient and affordable care, and our mission is to provide that care to anyone who needs it.

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